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Pup Sleepover

Over night boarding is charged per night.

  • $55-$85

Service Description

Boarding takes place at our home. We appreciate crate trained pups. This is for their comfort and overall safety when they are not being supervised as we sleep. If your pup is not the type we will have to worry about after we go to bed, they are welcome to not sleep in a crate. The benefits of this style of boarding is much more freedom for the pup in a home setting. Anxious, energetic, or even pups that need constant supervision like puppies can benefit from all the different kinds of stimulation and socialization at our household. We have chickens, rabbits, cats, squirrels, kids who love to play fetch and games with the pups, sprinkler and kiddy pools for cooling off on warm days, A/C in the house for really hot days, and a very secure, extra large fenced in property with plenty room to run, smell and be a dog!

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