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Board and Train

2-4 week boarding and training program in home

  • $700-$1,800

Service Description

The benefits of daily and around the clock training in the home can be seen faster for board and train pups. We will first meet to discuss the needs of your pet, then determine if a 1- 4 week session is necessary. Most training is done with an E-Collar from which can be purchased through me with a dealer discount. We also work with slip leads, figure 8 leads, face leads, harnesses, clickers and prong collars from Herm Sprenger. Depending on what we use, these tools can teach your pup a new language paired with commands that will help you both live happier because there will be communication at the highest level. Learning this language is extremely beneficial and could save your pups life in real world scenarios. Your pup will learn basic commands and have a unique training experience specific to them. After the training period, we will meet to go over the tools your pup has learned all about. I will help YOU as much as you need until you feel comfortable with this new form of communication. Also, I can schedule follow up session/s weeks after the training period to help keep them fresh on their commands. Not all training has to be done with an E-Collar, and we can determine the best course of action based on the specific needs for your pup when we meet for the first time. Puppy training and pups under one year of age typically do not use the E-collar. I prefer your pup has acquired some basic skills the first year of its life before we begin any type of E-collar training but it's also not required. Training does not have to be hard, in fact its supposed to be fun! Our furry friends love to learn when they are having a good time. All training is positive, balenced, and never any "punishment" but redirection at its finest.

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